Civil Engineering Services

 Some of the areas where we may contribute our expertise are listed below.  With a focus on areas of civil engineering applications, it is our passion to provide excellent service in everything that we do.  Let us work with you to create and sustain successful projects.

Materials Testing

  • Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)
  • Portland Cement Concrete (PCC)
  • Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR)
  • Full Depth Reclamation (FDR)
  • Hot In-Place Recycling (HIR/HIP)
  • Soils

Pavement Analysis

  • Evaluations of existing systems
  • Review and explanation of new and existing treatments
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Specification Writing

  •  Assistance in creating specifications for new processes
  •  Adaptation of existing specifications to incorporate new materials and equipment
  • Suggestions of modifications to address changes in material supplies and properties

Customized Services